2015 - 2016

Beguiling Isles (Corum False Sir Nicholas) and White Gourd (of Million Brazilians
will be touring October 5 - 29 in support of several new albums

"Beryl Jungles of Spey Tour" 2016 
 Oct. 5 - Providence, RI - Tommy’s w/ Larry Marshall / Universal Cell Unlock
Oct. 6 -Washington D.C. @ Rhizome w/ William Fowler Collins & James Jackson Toth, Tarotplane, Halo Valley 
Oct. 8 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Heathside Cottage
Oct. 10 - Chicago, IL @ Permanent Records 
Oct. 14 - Kansas City @ Hidden Temple w/ Expo 70 / Elfish Amor / Bobbi Grayce
Oct. 15 - Kansas City @ Night Blooms w/ Dove Belly (Mark Southerland) 

 Oct. 19 - Madison, WI @ Art In w/ Tar Pet (Spires That in the Sunset Rise)
 Oct. 20 - Minneapolis, MN @ Eagles Club w/ Collin Weiland / International Novelty Gamelan 
 Oct. 21 - Chicago, IL @ Heavy Petting 
Oct. 22 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Babyland w/ Come Holy Spirit

Oct.23 - Baltiimore, MD @ The Crown w/ Carly Ptak (Nautical Almanac) 
 Oct. 26 - Brooklyn, NY@ The Glove -w/ Birch Cooper (MSHR)
Oct. 27 - Providence @ Machines with Magnets w/ Alec Redfern / Dan Talbot / Valise
Oct. 28 - Portland, ME @ Apohadian 

September 17 - Belfast, ME @ Waterfall Arts for Feedback Festival
w/ Quantum / Bad Island / Acetones

 (live photo 2016 @ Space / Portland, ME photo by Space)
(live photo 2016 in NYC / photo by Kathleen Baird)
August 28 - Boston, MA @ Central Gallery w/ Bromp Treb / Trim / 
Children of the Tarp (members of Dreamhouse / Bone Rattle)
(Please email Will (williamdavidmayo@gmail.comfor address)
event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1590166467950111/

August 29 - Philadelphia, PA @ Century Bar w/ Invasive SpeciesHermit Papess
event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1840450389509103/

August 30 - Baltimore, MD @ Inside (Copycat bldg.) w/ Lexie Mountain / Duncan MooreJenny "Moon" Tucker
event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/165798140517538/

August 31 - Providence, RI @ Tommy's w/ Spires that in the Sunset Rise / Human Beast
Dawn Raid (Alley Dennig ) / Cream Candles (Christopher Fogues / Bridget Venutti / Carlos Gonzales (Russian Tsarlag))
event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1771199096488960/

Setptember 1 - Western MA @ King St. Manor w/ Spires that in the Sunset Rise / Bill Nace 
event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/295610630801023/295642497464503/?notif_t=like&notif_id=1471850935600752

September 2 - NYC @ The Park Church Co-Op  w/ Spires that in the Sunset Rise / MSHR / Arrington de Dionyso
event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1564330107208264/

September 3 - Portland, ME @ Space Gallery w/ Korovyov /  Mome / Burr 
event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1781968975415821/

(poster by V. Manuscript)


"It’s not necessarily relaxing or calming. It’s more like setting a steady buzz into your medulla oblongata to facilitate the flow of blood to your extremities. You’ll feel alive and tingling and fully aware. Get a cassette deck that will play both sides in a loop to better facilitate the immersive experience of Slip Enchantments. Your mind and body will thank you for it."
 - Experimental Portland

(live photos of Soma Daze festival by AC Villa 2016)
 (live photos of Soma Daze festival by AC Villa 2016)
(live photos of Soma Daze festival by AC Villa 2016)
(live photos of Soma Daze festival by AC Villa 2016)


White Gourd / Expo 70 / Pedestrian Deposit / Taboo / Idaho Joe Windslow / Duncan Moore / Million Brazilians / Universal Cell Unlock (CF of Kites / Daily Life / Mark Lord) / Russian Tsarlag / Bernard Herman / Caethua / Acetones / MSHR / Sterile Garden / Anniki Dawn / Colby Nathan / Alec Readfearn / Brian Frame (Blessed Broke) / Suzy Poling / Moons Loom / Valise (Human Beast / Villages of Space / Craow / Future Blondes / Sapropelic Pycnic / Signal Break / Chevy Pile (Chouser) / Bone Rattle / Thollem Mc Donas / Names Divine / Andy Storrs / Arrington de Dionyso / Burned County Data / Corum / Emily Shinada / Justin Clifford Rhody / Unreality Peak / Black Hole Cinemathaque / Taryn Tomasello / Syko Friend 


12" LP

Final album of the Trilogy (Beguiling Isles / Effigy Mounds / Magic Mirror) to be released by Psychic Sounds label.
12" LP 
(Psychic Sounds


"New release of the day: MILLION BRAZILIANS Poderoso Monicato: 
exotic cut-ups, hazy jazz, Sun Ra-nods" - WFMU

Exotica avant garde mystical music that is impossible to classify.” 
- Eric Issacson, Mississippi Records

"...gloriously fucked"
-Robert Ham, Portland Mercury

"Record Picks of 2015" - Tim Thorton, Gotta Groove Records

"Mining different elements in jazz, experimental electronics, and ”eastern" music, Million Brazilians have created their new full length album, and its a deep one stirring of sonic mysteries all woven into a dark jazz backdrop making a super psychedelic trip.  Patience is a virtue with this album as it starts out nice with some amazing flute action until it morphs into some contemplative and expansive spiritual jazz exploration; the sort of thing that Million Brazilians has definitely mastered.  Poderoso Monicato unfurls into a massive haze of some seriously intense and unique sounds with warbling hooks on electric guitar, percussive skitter, soulful voice, moody melodic horns, warped throat singing, and wonderfully expansive keys evolving into the more far-out, sci-fi aspects of the Sun Ra sound.  The flipside features two round table movements verging on dub but mixed with rotating solos of wild free jazz bursts, washed out guitar, crystal clangs, smokey late night double reed grooves only to be interjected by a pang of heavy tribal drum & flute workouts, and finally swirling into a simmer of bubbling haunted cut-up spoken words.  Monicato features lots of worldly influences for sure, in the instrumentation, the chant-like vocals, and the arrangements but it's hard to describe, other than to say it's a pretty fantastical trip through the resulting sonic document, and not surprising when Mississippi Record’s co-founder Eric Issacson recently described the Million Brazilians as “Exotica avant garde mystical music that is impossible to classify.”  This is the sort of thing that should appeal to freaky jazz lovers as much as outsider avant/experimental music obsessives.  Highly Recommended!" - Chris Webb, Midheaven Mailorder





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