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The new album,  "RED ROSE & OBSIDIAN",
to be released AUGUST 25

Engineered, recorded and fried by Big Blood's own Caleb Mulkerin!

Featuring cover art by the legendary Mati Klarwein!!

To be spread and delivered by 
Lullabies for Insomniacs label !!!

All digested during an incoming European Tour in November - stay tuned!!!!

TURN ON, TUNE IN  A new compilation out now on Lullabies for Insomniacs label - Featuring Unearth Noise, Sugai Ken, Georgia, The Magic Carpathians,  Bear Bones, Lay Low, Million Brazilians, Electroscope

Upcoming Bandcamp uploads of past albums include:
- Papa Candelo (with previously unreleased remixes & narrative by CF & Dan 'Uke of Space Villages' Beckman
- New Ideas in Psychic Music volumes I & II (with previously unreleased 'Sexual Desert' single)
- Higgy Dins 
- Wheel-of-Fortune

'Geodelphic Jazz Nocturnes' x 2 CD (Lost Discoveries) - releasing in November 

ORIGINS, a limite…