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The new album,  " RED ROSE & OBSIDIAN ", to be released AUGUST 25 Engineered, recorded and fried by  Big Blood 's own  Caleb Mulkerin ! Featuring cover art by the legendary Mati Klarwein !! To be spread and delivered by  Lullabies for Insomniacs  label  !!! All digested during an incoming European Tour in November - stay tuned!!!! TURN ON, TUNE IN  A new compilation out now on Lullabies for Insomniacs  label - Featuring  Unearth Noise,  Sugai Ken,  Georgia,  The Magic Carpathians,  Bear Bones, Lay Low,    Million Brazilians,  Electroscope ******************** Upcoming  Bandcamp  uploads of past albums include: - Papa Candelo  (with previously unreleased remixes & narrative by  CF  &  Dan 'Uke of Space Villages' Beckman )  - New Ideas in Psychic Music volumes I & II  (with previously unreleased 'Sexual Desert' single) - Higgy Dins  - Wheel-of-Fortune -Negromancer FORTHCOMING ALBUMS: ' Geodelphic Jaz