To celebrate over a decade of sonic fermentations, ritual rubs and mysterious perfumes we will be presenting these forthcoming albums followed by several supporting concerts: 

Releasing October: 

Psychic Sounds Ensemble presents 'Sonic Fermentations' LP
featuring members of SmegmaMSHR & Million Brazilians 
(to be released on Psychic Sounds)

'Strange Oasis' CD 
(to be released on Nonlocal Research)

'Urban Fossickated Octave' LP 
(to be released on Feeding Tube Records)

August 3 - @ Swanville, ME - Mountain Signal Unit festival @ Lothlorien Acres w/ Vermin Supreme / Village of Spaces / Clay Camero & County Line Bandits /  Asa Irons / Chevrolet Pile &  many more... 

U.S Northeast concerts performing Urban Fossickated Octave: 
September 27 - Portland, ME @ Space w/ Xiu Xiu
October 4 - Greenfield, MA @ Root Cellar
October 5 - Providence, RI @ TFAB

U.S. West Coast dates for late February / early March 2020 for 
Psychic Sounds 10 Year Anniversary concert in Portland, Oregon



MILLION BRAZILIAN'S CORUM opens the way with 'APPEARANCE OF UNIVERSE B' and select solo shows!

April 5 - Köln, DE @ Gold + Beton  
April 13 - Antwerp, BE at Forbidden City - 7 pm  
New works by Grant Corum
TIMELASH (Embassador Dulgoon & Corum)  
Spencer Clark as CYBERFATHER
April 25 - Rotterdam, NL @Herman Corum / Eklin 

OUT NOW ON  Lullabies for Insomniacs !: 


"Their next installment Red Rose & Obsidian was recorded in Maine and engineered by Big Blood’s Caleb Mulkerin. Both he and the band deliver a powerful yet fragile and personal release. The mythical and evocative recordings are inspired by Maine's rugged coastlines; mournful ripples of sound wash up on the shore, whilst a lonesome, at times harrowing saxophone drifts through the rolling mountains, providing unsettling melodic interludes. Electronic treatments veil organic sounds, a fleeting whistle meets spontaneously with spacey flutes, mutated rock rhythms are topped off with the soaring vocals of Suzanne who leads the listeners into the magical world of the Million Brazilians." - LFI 



Broadcasting out of Paris & Lyon; "Stream back Soichi Datsa's latest episode of Les Statues Meurent Aussi, featuring an experimental collage of tribal and free electronics from Grant Corum aka Muroc, The Orchadist, a producer and also a member of Million Brazilians, Typhonian Highlife and more." - LYL Radio


  A new collection of selected twilight vignettes & nocturnes culled from the coastal geodelphic jazz sessions that occurred during the Rites of Spring released in a very limited edition for the Million Brazilians 'Candle Riders' tour through Belgium, Netherlands and Germany


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PSYCHIC SOUNDS presents the
                      TEGU-TEGU PRO-FUSION TOUR
featuring solo works by members of Million Brazilians: 

1 - Portland, ME @ the Apohadion Theater w/ The Orchardist, White Gourd, Idaho Joe Winslow, Embassador Dulgoon, African Dundada, DJ Jasshole 

2 - Providence, RI @ Casa Talbito (18 Gibbon Court) w/ The Orchardist, Idaho Joe Winslow, Embassador Dulgoon, Larry Marshall, Daniella Ben-Bassat, Home Video by Carlos Gonzalez

3 - Greenfield, MA @ Root Cellar w/ The Orchardist, Idaho Joe Winslow, Embassador Dulgoon, Aly Gear / Bromp Treb / Beige (Stella Silbert + Liam KW)

6 - NYC @ Honeys w/ The Orchardist, Idaho Joe, Embassador Dulgoon, Bernard Herman, Rick Weaver, DJ Snake Charms

7 - Washington DC @ Rhizome w/ The Orchardist, Idaho Joe Windslow,  Umbilicus (Shelly Purdy, Tom Goldstein, Paul Neidhardt, Will Redman)

8 - Pittsburgh, PA @ OWL Hollow (10 Nansen street) w/ The Orchardist, Idaho Joe Windslow, Final Eclipse, Earth Worm

9 - Serpent Mounds, OH @ Astrobleme w/ The Orchardist, Idaho Joe Windslow 

11 - Chicago, IL  @ Pinky Swear w/ The Orchardist, Idaho Joe Windslow, 555 Galaxy Express , WRTCH

13 - Kansas City @ Dark Blue Dining Room w/ The Orchardist, Idaho Joe Windslow / More Than Ornament / Blue Communion: ISAM /  Blue Detergent

14 -  Kansas City @ The Ship as Tegu-Tegu Pro-fusion Band (Corum, Idaho Joe & Embassador Dulgoon) w/ Idaho Joe Windslow / Jametatone’s Blastocyst & Calvin Arsenia 

20 - LA @ Coaxial Arts w/ The Orchardist, Embassador Dulgoon / Sun Araw & Tomo Jacobson Duo

23 - Los Altos @ KFJC 89.7 live radio broadcast & video 7 - 10 pm w/ The Orchardist, Idaho Joe Windslow, Embassador Dulgoon

25 - Berkeley, CA @ Berkeley Community Media w/ The Orchardist, Embassador Dulgoon, MOM, 2 Nasty - Open to the public as a filming and broadcast - limited to 50 persons 

26 - Berkeley, CA @ Dildo Factory w/ The Orchardist, Embassdor Dulgoon, CCR Headcleaner, Fuckwolf, DJ Hail-Bopp

28 - Portland, OR @ Xhurch w/ The Orchardist, Embassador Dulgoon,  White Gourd, Numbskull,  The Tenses, DJs Nighthawk & DNA


4 - Olympia, Cascadia Brews @ TBA w/ The Orchardist, Embassador Dulgoon, White Gourd 

5 - Seattle, WA @ Hollow Earth Radio w/ The Orchardist, Embassador Dulgoon, White Gourd, Ecstatic Cosmic Union,  Visuals by Aubrey Nehring


 "In the lead up to the Candle Riders Tour DJ Bizango Leaks of Million Brazilians sorts us with a high energy array of world wide sounds." - LFI



w/ Idaho Joe Windslow 


17, Friday - Antwerp, BE @ Het Bos w/ Sapphire Slows /  DJ Pet Shop (Spencer Clark)
18, Saturday -  Amsterdam, NL @ Butcher’s Tears w/ Poly P / Jack Parsons 
19, Sunday - Rotterdam, NL @ Worm w/ Lieven Martens Moana 
21, Tuesday - Stuttgart, DE @ Neue Schachtel
22, Wednesday - Berlin, DE Farbfernseher 
23, Thursday -  Leipzig, DE @ Pracht w/ BRIE


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