Wednesday, March 21, 2018


PSYCHIC SOUNDS presents the
                      TEGU-TEGU PRO-FUSION TOUR
featuring solo works by members of Million Brazilians: 

1 - Portland, ME @ the Apohadion Theater w/ The Orchardist, White Gourd, Idaho Joe Winslow, Embassador Dulgoon, African Dundada, DJ Jasshole 

2 - Providence, RI @ Casa Talbito (18 Gibbon Court) w/ The Orchardist, Idaho Joe Winslow, Embassador Dulgoon, Larry Marshall, Daniella Ben-Bassat, Home Video by Carlos Gonzalez

3 - Greenfield, MA @ Root Cellar w/ The Orchardist, Idaho Joe Winslow, Embassador Dulgoon, Aly Gear / Bromp Treb / Beige (Stella Silbert + Liam KW)

6 - NYC @ Honeys w/ The Orchardist, Idaho Joe, Embassador Dulgoon, Bernard Herman, Rick Weaver, DJ Snake Charms

7 - Washington DC @ Rhizome w/ The Orchardist, Idaho Joe Windslow,  Umbilicus (Shelly Purdy, Tom Goldstein, Paul Neidhardt, Will Redman)

8 - Pittsburgh, PA @ OWL Hollow (10 Nansen street) w/ The Orchardist, Idaho Joe Windslow, Final Eclipse, Earth Worm

9 - Serpent Mounds, OH @ Astrobleme w/ The Orchardist, Idaho Joe Windslow 

11 - Chicago, IL  @ Pinky Swear w/ The Orchardist, Idaho Joe Windslow, 555 Galaxy Express , WRTCH

13 - Kansas City @ Dark Blue Dining Room w/ The Orchardist, Idaho Joe Windslow / More Than Ornament / Blue Communion: ISAM /  Blue Detergent

14 -  Kansas City @ The Ship as Tegu-Tegu Pro-fusion Band (Corum, Idaho Joe & Embassador Dulgoon) w/ Idaho Joe Windslow / Jametatone’s Blastocyst & Calvin Arsenia 

20 - LA @ Coaxial Arts w/ The Orchardist, Embassador Dulgoon / Sun Araw & Tomo Jacobson Duo

23 - Los Altos @ KFJC 89.7 live radio broadcast & video 7 - 10 pm w/ The Orchardist, Idaho Joe Windslow, Embassador Dulgoon

25 - Berkeley, CA @ Berkeley Community Media w/ The Orchardist, Embassador Dulgoon, MOM, 2 Nasty - Open to the public as a filming and broadcast - limited to 50 persons 

26 - Berkeley, CA @ Dildo Factory w/ The Orchardist, Embassdor Dulgoon, CCR Headcleaner, Fuckwolf, DJ Hail-Bopp

28 - Portland, OR @ Xhurch w/ The Orchardist, Embassador Dulgoon,  White Gourd, Numbskull,  The Tenses, DJs Nighthawk & DNA


4 - Olympia, Cascadia Brews @ TBA w/ The Orchardist, Embassador Dulgoon, White Gourd 

5 - Seattle, WA @ Hollow Earth Radio w/ The Orchardist, Embassador Dulgoon, White Gourd, Ecstatic Cosmic Union,  Visuals by Aubrey Nehring


Broadcasting out of Paris & Lyon; "Stream back Soichi Datsa's latest episode of Les Statues Meurent Aussi, featuring an experimental collage of tribal and free electronics from Grant Corum aka Muroc, The Orchadist, a producer and also a member of Million Brazilians, Typhonian Highlife and more." - LYL Radio


  A new collection of selected twilight vignettes & nocturnes culled from the coastal geodelphic jazz sessions that occurred during the Rites of Spring released in a very limited edition for the Million Brazilians 'Candle Riders' tour through Belgium, Netherlands and Germany


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 "In the lead up to the Candle Riders Tour DJ Bizango Leaks of Million Brazilians sorts us with a high energy array of world wide sounds." - LFI

out now on
  Lullabies for Insomniacs 

BUY 12" LP / digital


Forthcoming albums: 

Psychic Sounds Ensemble presents 'Sonic Fermentations' - Batches I & II
featuring members of SmegmaMSH& Million Brazilians 
currently being spiced by the saucier supreme at Stereophonic Mastering, 
then served on wax by Psychic Sounds in 2018 

'Strange Oasis' 

Adele H & Million Brazilians 'Sunrunners' 

'Urban Fossickated Octave' (dedicated to Paul Laffoley)



w/ Idaho Joe Windslow 


17, Friday - Antwerp, BE @ Het Bos w/ Sapphire Slows /  DJ Pet Shop (Spencer Clark)
18, Saturday -  Amsterdam, NL @ Butcher’s Tears w/ Poly P / Jack Parsons 
19, Sunday - Rotterdam, NL @ Worm w/ Lieven Martens Moana 
21, Tuesday - Stuttgart, DE @ Neue Schachtel
22, Wednesday - Berlin, DE Farbfernseher 
23, Thursday -  Leipzig, DE @ Pracht w/ BRIE

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