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      2. Jiangsu Haixiang Chemical Industry Co. Ltd
          Principal Products
          Data Download
          Fine Chemicals
              •  Class of Ketone
              •  Class of Pyrimidine
              •  Class of Imidazole
              •  Class of Acetic Acid
              •  Others
          Electroplating Chemicals
              •  Electroplating Intermediate
        Sales Department 1:Annie
        Tel: +86-519-82311677
        Sales Department 2: Eva
        Tel: +86-519-82331677
        Sales Department 3: Arthur
        Tel: +86-519-82310808

        Jiangsu Haixiang Chemical Industry Co. Ltd .locates in Yangtze River delta with the developed economy, excellent environment and convenient traffic. The company is a production, export and import of fine chemicals, such as electronic chemicals, pesticide intermediates, medicine intermediates.

        We also insist on the guidance of Technology, focus on both innovation and production. Since the establishment of the company in 1999, we have successfully developed more than ten types' new fine chemical products, which are in the six series of Ketone, Pyrimidine, Imidazole. Most of our products are mainly sold to Germany, France, Japan, America, Italy, Singapore and India etc. In line with the principle of "Quality first, reputation upmost and better after-sales service ", together with our high quality products and on time delivery, we won the respect and trust from our customers and very good reputation in this industry.

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