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"New release of the day: MILLION BRAZILIANS Poderoso Monicato: 
exotic cut-ups, hazy jazz, Sun Ra-nods" - WFMU

"Beautiful and scarred in a way that only those who have glimpsed the face of the old gods can know." - 20 Jazz Funk Greats 

"...lending a post-jazz frequency to the madness herein." - Byron Coley, Wire 

"Ritualistic performances of Sun Ra-inspired psychedelic jazz rumblings provide a kind of psychic cleansing that can only come from dancing wildly to pounding percussion and basslines that gently thrum your spinal column." - Robert Ham, The Portland Mercury

"Exotica avante garde mystical music that is impossible to classify." - Eric Isaacson, Mississippi Records 

"Performance of the Year" - FOXY DIGITALIS (for Million Brazilians: Dyngia Salon)

"The Million Brazilian's sound have managed to be dangerously distinct and totally prolific, but completely enigmatic and underground at the same time."  - Karen, Psychic Sounds Research

"Million Brazilians are a real time revolution against the Simulacrum, the eroding corrosive hegemony.  Their music will turn you on to whole galaxies of abstract jazz, free noise, tribal trance and real magick." - Jason Simpson, Journal of the Dark Arts 

"A mesmerizing ritual trance band that has been recently toying with the dark lords of jazz." 
 -Mark Southerland,

 "African dance group Kúkátónón, who worked with punk/noise band Million Brazilians, created a unique African-inspired dance to one of the band’s songs.  This new connection represented an ideal scenario....: to create new connections that will blossom into meaningful interactions that will ideally continue on after the project has completed." - Whoop Dee Doo TV, Time Based Arts Festival


FOXY DIGITALIS - "Performance of the Year (2012): Million Brazilians, Dyngia Salon"

Psychic Sounds Performance of the Year: Million Brazilians, Dyngia Salon (Friends and Relatives): Right about the time I was introduced to Corum’s Beguiling Isles (Psychic Sounds) album, I also experienced this tape by Million Brazilians. The tape was made, I gather, by the same faces that run Psychic Sounds Recordings out of Portland, OR. This loose collaboration of players captured my imagination with works that seem to drift between boundless compositions and focused, energetic improvisations. Patient execution and tone-bending, a-cultural elements add strange shades to the proceedings on both sides of this tape, which fuse strong individual contributions and energetic interplay through a range of secret jazz and dangerously unassuming drone.

Foxy Digitalis 'Best of 2011' -New Ideas in Psychic Music Vol.II: Sexual Desert

- FOXY DIGITALIS review "9/10" for NEW IDEAS IN PSYCHIC MUSIC Vol. II: Sexual Desert




Lullabies for Insomniacs (Amsterdam) are releasing forthcoming albums 'Red Rose & Obsidian' 12" and 'Urban Fossickated Octave' 12" 
Lost Discoveries released 'Slip Enchantments' on cassette 
Moon Glyph released 'Wet Dry Jungala' 12" and 'Dyngia Nomad' digital single 
Psychic Sounds released 'Hideous Visions', 'Cult Music of Ajitz' and 'Poderoso Monicato' 12"
Sonic Meditations released the 'New Ideas in Psychic Music: Volume II' on cassette and CD
Teen Action Records released the 'Damiana Drems' as a split cassette
Friends and Relatives Records released 'Dyngia Salon' on cassette
Klorofyl Kassetor (Sweden) released 'New Ideas in Psychic Music' on cassette
From the Wheelchair to the Pulpit released 'Wheel-of-Fortune', 'Noble Savage' and 'Papa Candelo' on cassette 

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